TransOceanic Wind Transport – TOWT Sail-shipping is a breton company specialised in sail cargo. Since 2011, TOWT has developped a unique bussiness model based on his label « Transporté à la voile – dans le respect de l’environnement ». TOWT charters existing sailing ships to transport cargoes and builds the market strategy to differentiate the cargo by the way they are transported. This unique label relates producers, sailors, retailers and end-consumers in order to promotes a vision of a future with hoisted sails.

On 2016 the first sail cargo concept store “Au cul du voilier” has been opened by TOWT on the port of Douarnenez, France.

TransOceanic Wind Transport – TOWT Sail-shipping’s aim is to multiply cargo transport by sail power, anticipating energy transition, proving the viability and developing a clean-shipping certification, so as to allow the build of modern sailing cargo vessels.