The SV-BRIGANTES – twin ship of EYE OF THE WIND – will join the sail cargo fleet early in 2019, after the conversion of her 1911 steel hull and major rebuild is complete. The ship was originally built for sailing cargo between Europe and South America, a trade route we want to revive by carrying organic products into the Mediterranean in the most CO2-neutral way possible.

Started in 2016 by the Kravina brothers, naval engineer Blome and captain Ferreri, the project has raised broad interest in Italy, Central Europe and overseas. This interest leads to a surprisingly high rate of participation in the project, both financially and in terms of volunteer support. Financed primarily by co-ownership, we are always open to new investors.

With a capacity of nearly 220 tons or 229 m3, the SV BRIGANTES will be one of the largest sail cargo ships in the Alliance, reducing the environmental impact of shipping while raising awareness of the industry’s dirty alternative. She will also offer professional training as well as pure square-sails experience to up to 10 paying shipmates, thus contributing to preserve seafaring culture and tradition and bring beauty and poetry from maritime museums back into real economy, a core mission of the Alliance.