“An alliance of organisations who share a passion for sail-shipped cargo, working together with shared ethics to create a healthy transport culture that promotes the preservation of the environment for future generations.”


The Craft / Ships

  • By using the clean power of the wind we create sustainable and healthy transportation treading as lightly as we can on the earth’s resources.
  • These ships facilitate a direct economic alternative for trade, empowering communities and individuals and ensuring the ability of future generations to enjoy the natural world that sustains us.
  • Shipping authentic, ethically and locally sourced cargo of exceptional quality.
  • Providing a transparent, high quality and reliable service at a fair price that reflects the real value of the journey.


The Crew / Community

  • We advocate a supply chain in line with a human chain that loads a ship by hand, where power comes from every stage of the process and every person being considered.
  • Favouring collaboration over competition across the entire supply chain through the organisation of an alliance. From farmer to sailor to vendor, we are all crew.


The Culture

  • Passion! A romance, an adventure, a journey to unite and inspire people.
  • Inspiration! Like the know how of traditional seamanship we learn through sharing.
  • Action! Don’t just talk about it, do it!